Lately, I’ve come across more and more African-Americans expressing a desire to get away from the entrenched culture of racism that thrives in the United States. Our parents and grandparents fought to change things, and we are grateful for that. But many of us have lost hope. We want to put our energy to building something, not constantly fighting something off. We want to pursue our #Blaxit.

When I left, I had no idea that I might be part of this fed-up generation. Racism wasn’t the reason that I left. But it sure didn’t hurt.

Friends of friends have contacted me for info about my expat experience. Sisters on vacation in Paris have bombarded me with questions about my life in France, and I’ve been more than happy to share.

I would love to be a resource for those of us who want to live differently, and are asking themselves if becoming an expat is the way to go.


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