Would you like to see your own page on the Penguin Random House Website?

Or your own author page on Goodreads?

If you’ve got the dream, but you need a boost, I can help.

Not only am I an experienced fiction writer, I’m also an experienced mentor and teacher.

Mentoring for the PitchWars, Binders and SavvyAuthors programs has let me put my experience into action. I know what it’s like on both sides of the table. I’ve learned how to accept and offer criticism, allowing me to provide help while supporting the other person’s process and goals for their work.

After more than sixteen years teaching English, plus my time as a copyeditor and translator for private firms and international organizations, I have the practical and relational skills to help make a good story into a great book.

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Here’s what people have said about my mentoring and my writing:

“I love Gia’s approach to editing. Before working with her, I wasn’t sure what I needed. I felt really down about my work and not sure where to begin. Gia’s editing style merges developmental editing with a coaching type of vibe which was perfect for me. She is collaborative, and begins with goal setting for the author, keeping the writer’s readership in mind. Gia’s suggestions and close collaboration with the author always remain based on those goals. At the end, I became a more intuitive writer because of Gia’s help and she is still my go to!

-Yasmin H.

“A romance with an excellent happily-ever-after about two individuals attempting to navigate their attraction, inter-racial relationships, and mental health all made for an excellent debut by De Cadenet. A story can easily be weighed down by even just one of these heavy topics, and can quickly become didactic and just, well, too much. Instead, the reader is treated to a delightful contemporary romance that slow-burns to full on steamy. An excellent story that I devoured in a day or two. I loved how the two characters interacted with their families and themselves as a couple, and the way they encouraged each other professionally and emotionally. I would highly recommend it!” —NetGalley reviewer

“For a romance to be successful, both tension and character development need to be on point, and De Cadenet did a wonderful job with both. Ness and Khalil’s interactions were my favorite part of the book. Between the flirting and the unrequited to the next steps, I was invested. I wanted them to get together. But this was more than two objectively attractive characters getting it on (although those moments were also cute). De Cadenet’s characters explore relevant social issues, picking apart racial tension, stereotypes, othering, gender discrimination, and mental health. I loved the way these issues were addressed, highlighting the arcs and the real-life obstacles I think many readers will relate to. Sweet, fluffy, and fundamentally rich, Getting His Game Back is a winner. Add this to your TBR and thank me later.” —NetGalley reviewer