Manuscript Assessment

The first step in the Developmental Editing process, a manuscript assessment is particularly useful for writers who are still honing their craft and wish to see if their efforts are paying off.

I’ll read your fiction manuscript and provide an edit letter, for feedback purposes. No collaborative work is included.

We will not discuss your target readers, nor discuss any changes you choose to make based on my recommendations. It is a single-read, with no in-line comments.

I will address:

  • the hook
  • character development
  • pov & dialogue
  • setting & description
  • voice
  • telling vs. showing
  • plot & structure
  • marketability

Manuscript Mentoring

This is my favorite service to provide, as it’s unique to each client and each project. We work together to improve your fiction manuscript based on the big picture issues such as content, structure, plot and characterization. The goal is sharpening your work for your target audience.

This is a collaborative effort, so I will read your manuscript twice: the first time to provide feedback and my suggestions for improvement, the second to assess how the changes are working and to address any additional concerns you have.

Manuscript mentoring includes an edit letter after the first reading, the issues included in the manuscript assessment, in-line notes, and a one-hour video chat to discuss your questions based on my edit letter and your goals.

Manuscript mentoring is closest to developmental editing in practice, so it is billed similarly.

Due to the amount of focus I place on mentoring, I accept no more than two clients per month. Please contact me here to check on availability.