Oh? You like that?

He got up from the table and began to clear things up. She stood to help and he shook his head.

“No, please Isadora. You’re my guest. Let me.” He said.

“I’m your guest, so I get to do as I please?”

“Of course.”

“Good, then. I want to help.”

He smiled and went into the kitchen. She moved the things onto the bar so he could easily reach them to rinse them in the sink. All that was left was her plate, but she decided to walk it into the kitchen. She came up behind him as he was hand washing the dishes.

“You know…” she started. “There’s nothing quiet as sexy as a man who does the housework.”

He laughed and shook his head again. “Is that so?”

She moved directly behind him, reaching around him to slide her plate in the water and pressing her breasts into his back.

“It is.” She sighed. His hands had slowed down. He turned a little to look at her over his shoulder.

“Just what are you up to, Isadora?”

“Nothing, nothing.” She said. She slid both hands up his back, along his shoulders a little, up his neck and into his hair. He closed his eyes. His hands stopped completely. She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled it, pressing herself into him again.

He grunted. “Careful, Isadora.”

“Of what?” she whispered. She let go of his hair and slowly scratched her nails down his body from his nape, digging in along and under his shoulder blades, then gently down to the waist of his shorts. He sucked in hard through his teeth.

“Again…” he grunted.

“Oh? You like that?” she pressed herself against him again.

“Mmmm…” He growled like a big, contented lion.

“Ok.” She sighed, doing it again.

He let out another groan. Reaching his waist, she didn’t stop. She drug both hands around to the front of his body, enjoying the feel of his muscles, his skin. Meeting at his stomach, she pushed them down slowly, and he moved away from the counter just enough for her slide them down his thighs. She heard him sigh and stepped away from him completely. He waited a second to see what she was going to do, then looked at her over his shoulder. She pulled her shirt off over her head. He smiled, growled and came at her. She let him catch her, kiss her hard. He grasped her breast and she cried out.

“Oh?” He whispered, very close. “You like that?”

“Mmm…” she sighed. “I do. But…”

“But?” He looked a little confused by her tone.

She took advantage to dart away from him and return to the living room. He laughed and came after her. She got to the other side of the couch and kept changing direction, laughing too.

She let him catch her, and they kissed again, his hands gliding down her back and onto her ass, hers moving up into his hair. He squeezed and she pulled. They stopped to breathe and he started to kiss her again.

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