A little competition?


The night before, she’d done a little Googling at home and verified that Jacob hadn’t gotten married. She couldn’t discreetly find out if he was seeing anyone, but that didn’t really matter. She selected the appropriate clothing to impress and intimidate just a little.

After lunch, she’d gone to the ladies room to double check that her fitted navy pencil skirt was sitting just right. The wide black belt she’d chosen to accentuate her waist was perfect. She’d decided on a sleeveless cream turtleneck and thin cardigan, just so she wasn’t showing too much. Hair, jewelry and makeup perfect, she strode confidently back to her office. She passed several colleagues and lobbyists in the hall and nodded hellos. She felt more than one man turn to watch her walk by.

Ok. Good choice. Let’s hope Jacob’s head turns, too.


Daniel had decided to have the meeting in the legislative office. If things got testy, it would be better not to have the audience that was obligatory in the Majority office. He arrived a few minutes early to review the interest points Evangeline had sent to Isadora. There was only one copy.

“Hmm. I’ve only got one and it’s probably best if we have at least two,” Isadora said.

“Oh, well then we can share.”

“No, I can go make another set.”

“Where’s your assistant?”

“I had to send her to Bill Drafting. I’ll just be a minute.” She went down the hall and came back in time to meet Jacob and Evangeline as they approached her office. She purposefully slowed down, changing her gait from professional to slow and sensual. Time had been good to Jacob. Very good. Or Isadora’s memories of him were just fuzzy. She’d remembered him as tall, dark and handsome, which he still was. His warm, cinnamon brown skin had a healthy, virile glow.

He was wearing a dark navy suit, clearly tailor-made. But there was a lot more muscle under it than she remembered, a lot more depth. When he saw her, his rich eyes lit up. She was surprised by a prickle of heat up her neck as she returned his smile. She’d forgotten how full and sensual his lips were.

“Isadora,” he said. “It’s been a while.” She’d forgotten how deep and resonating his voice was, too.

“Jacob, it has been a long time.”

“How are you?”

“Quite well, and you?”

“Not as good as you, it would appear.” He put out his hand to shake hers, but surprised her by lifting it to his lips for a quick peck. She raised her eyebrows. Next to him, Evangeline cleared her throat.

“Hello Evangeline,” Isadora turned to her, smiling politely.

“Isadora, hi. Good to see you.”

“You too. Won’t you all join me in our office? Daniel is waiting.” Rather than let them go first, she purposefully strode ahead, knowing that Jacob would take advantage to check her out. “Daniel,” she called out, “Evangeline and Jacob are here.”

Daniel appeared in the doorway of the meeting room. “Evangeline, Jacob, please come in. We thought it would be more comfortable to have our discussion here.”


Pleasantries completed, Daniel listened as Jacob presented his client’s case. Isadora listened, watching Evangeline squirm a bit and hold herself back from commenting on the points she’d pressed Isadora on. The sight might have been a little comical, if Isadora hadn’t found herself a bit stuck watching Jacob’s lips move.

Why did you shoot him down before?



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