For years, I dreamt of becoming a writer. But it seemed to big, too impossible, and unreasonable to expect success for myself. The problem wasn’t in the idea of my writing being of interest to the world. The problem was within me. Maybe you feel stuck, too. So here’s my advice for becoming a writer, boiled down to the barest of bones:

Step One: Write

Congratulations, you are now a writer. Seriously, that’s all you have to do. If you want to become a writer, then sit down and write something. Don’t judge it, don’t try to make it perfect, just get some words down on paper or in a word processing program. Doing the actual writing is the first and only step to becoming a writer.

Of course I’m being simplistic. I imagine that what you mean by wanting to become a writer is to be a published writer or a professional one.

But the beginning of that path is exactly the same as…

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