Time to pay it forward.


2018 was a major year for me. Ten years after penning the first words of my first novel, I finally signed with a literary agency! It took months for me to accept that my dream had come true and to give myself permission to believe that I was a real, agented author.

I was also fortunate to be a finalist in two Romance Writers of America chapter competitions.

Another boost to the idea that I really am a writer.


While the accolades and the idea of legitimacy felt good, there is zero way to consider it a lone success. The key to my success in 2018 was the support I received from fellow writers. First, my mentor Diana A. Hicks in the PitchWars program, who guided me to the right tools, such as craft books and beat sheets, that got my manuscript from story to novel. Then, my critique partners, who gave me thoughtful feedback not just on my MS, but also on my pitches, synopses and comments from contest judges.


2019 is going to be another great year. One thing I’m excited to do is pay forward the support I’ve received on my writing journey. That includes volunteering to be a contest judge more often, and to volunteer as a mentor for the Binders Mentorship Program, which pairs published and agented authors with emerging female and gender non-conforming writers.


Applications are being accepted from January 25th to February 1st.  


Participating in a mentorship program was the key to signing with an agency for me. It might not be the path for you. But if you’d like to give it a try, Binders is a great place to start.

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