The best way to stay stuck? Wait until conditions are perfect.

A while back, I posted a video with a bunch of moving boxes and other stuff in the background.*

I hesitated to do that. What would people think?
“Oh, she’s not serious.”
“She couldn’t have cleaned up a little before she started going on and on about herself?”
“She wants people to listen to her, to believe she has anything to tell anyone, when she can’t even clean up her own mess?”
(As you can see, I have a very vocal inner critic.)
All those things may be true. There are probably more than a few people who will think all that about me.
But that’s ok. A wise friend once told me that we’ll never get anything done if we wait for conditions to be perfect. And he was absolutely right. If I’d waited for perfect conditions, I never would have made it to France. I probably wouldn’t have my Master’s, and I seriously doubt I’d have completed my first book.
Get out there, get the thing done. Even if it’s messy, even if it could be better. There will always be “couda, wouda, shouda”.
But there isn’t always “done”.

"Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible." - DORIS LESSING:



*video since deleted because the content was no longer relevant

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