Growth can be painful, and potentially embarrassing.

This is the case for writers, just like anyone else.

This witty and funny post you are currently reading is actually a test of my social media skills. A test that I may pass, but if I do not, the penalty will be a certain level of embarrassment.

I hope that I do not die from it.


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to help a young man. He applied for an internship with me (to help with my social media presence, a subject that is clearly important at the moment).

He was catastrophic. The writer in me wanted nothing to do with him. But the teacher in me felt obligated to explain why I could not offer him the position. I did my best not to be too harsh, though I imagine that what I had to say stung a little.

Here’s hoping that karma isn’t too unkind.

Posted by:Gia