If you spend a little time on my site, or getting to know me, you’ll discover something.

I kind of have a potty mouth.

Well, that’s what some might think, but I don’t.

In my opinion, there are only two “bad words” in the English language:

Should and Have to.

Words only have the meaning we collectively give them. So on the face of it, there isn’t anything wrong about ‘should’ or ‘have to’.

However, these two seem to be directed at us from our earliest age. And more often than not, the direction is not coming from within.

When we do only what we should or what we have to, instead of what we want or need to do, we may believe that we are being honorable or doing what’s right.

But in reality, we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment. And creating amazing opportunities for pain and frustration.

It’s taken me years to shake off the shoulds and the have tos that have been holding me back. And they still catch up with me a lot. Fortunately, I’ve learned to use other “bad” words to tell them where they can go.

Posted by:Gia