Good Sex for Girl Power

"...once women begin thinking about sexual pleasure, things get particularly terrifying. It begins with sexual parity and ends… where? What will women want after orgasmic equality? Equal opportunity? Equal pay? Equality, full stop? (Answer: All of the above.)" Sarah MacLean's article in Bustle, "Bashing Romance Novels is Just Another Form of Slut-Shaming" gave me life. … Continue reading Good Sex for Girl Power

Black Girl

I don’t like talking about race. I’ve always wanted to be seen for what I am: an individual, just a person. I have never wanted to be defined by my exterior. But, for most of my life, the outside world has constantly and consistently reduced me to my exterior in just about every interaction. I … Continue reading Black Girl

Angela’s Story

  Ask three people about Angela Davis, and you’ll probably get four or five different descriptions. Feminist? Communist? Criminal? Scholar? Vice Presidential Candidate? If nothing else, she's a #blaxit superstar. Her escape and the wisdom she brought back had a powerful impact on societal discourse in the United States. Born black and female in Birmingham, … Continue reading Angela’s Story